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Saturday, March 13, 2021

How To Skip Safelink Converter



 Many people are often trying to download something via a link on a blog or a widespread link on social media. But before you can download it. You are first in front of an advertisement.

Sometimes advertisements appear several times, making those who display the link that feels difficult and bored. Before finally looking for other blogs.

Usually, these links have been formatted in short connections (short links) or safeliens (secure links). Well, the link that often makes it difficult for users is SafeLink, while shortcuts are not too embarrassing.

There are even shortcuts that are not inserted with advertisements such as bit.ly. Here we will discuss together how easy it is to pass SafeLink? More specifically advertising on Safelink.

If we observe, the types of advertisements usually placed on Safelink are advertisements of banners, advanced notifications. Previously, I will explain one by one types of ads briefly.

Types Of  Ads

Why do I have to worry about explaining the types of advertisements, why not go directly to the method? Here I want you to understand what the problem is such that later, you do not understand badly.


Ads banners are one of the most common types of advertisements used on the Internet. Additionally used ad formats are images (JPG, PNG, GIF), JavaScript and other multimedia objects. And there are different sizes used. This is for readers to be interested in advertisements.

Push Notification

Push notifications are short messages that appear automatically on the Smartphone screen. There is a lot of information sent via a push notification, for example asking the user to confirm something.


Popunder ads are a type of ad that will appear when a website visitor clicks anything and anywhere on the web. This type of ad is actually similar to a popup ad. It's just that the difference is that this announcement appears in a new tab.

How to Skip the Safelink Converter

In fact, the way forward by Saafelink is very easy, the most important thing is that you have to be patient and patient, do not get carried away with emotions if what is clicked is an ads.

How to Bypass the Safelink

This is an example of Safelink where there is a captcha, then confirm the Captcha first. Then wait for the Click here to finish. Then click the click here.

Well, I found here the fire of the population, so I just moved back to SafeLink via a new tab.

Select the window leading to SafeLink.

Unlike the previous Safelink. This is the original Safelink, so if we look at the link that will lead to your destination link. This is important here, do not click first. We could meet stupid again.

To avoid the poplers we use in a new tab. For mobile, simply press the link on the Safelink page. Then click Open in a new tab. For the desktop, right-click the link, and select Open this new tab.

After that, open the new tab on the link you specify.

Finally ended also through the Safelink. How? 'Or' What? Very easy, right? For those of you who want to immediately try this method, click the button below to try the Safelink.

Try SafeLink

Hope you can all understand and understand this article. Hope this is useful and do not forget to visit again.



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